For over 70 years,

the ACMI program for children's art materials, has certified that these products are non-toxic and meet voluntary standards for quality and performance. In 1982, our program added a broad range of adult creative products, ensuring that they are non-toxic or carry appropriate health warning labels where necessary.

The ACMI-certified product seals (AP Non-Toxic and CL Certified Label) indicate that these products have been evaluated by a qualified toxicologist and are labeled in accordance with federal and state art material labeling laws. Each product in the program undergoes extensive toxicological testing before it is granted the right to bear the ACMI certification seal. To date, ACMI has certified over 60,000 art, craft and creative material formulations. Please explore this section of our website further for more detailed information about the ACMI Certification Program, safety tips, frequently asked questions, and more. Looking for a certain product and want to make sure it's ACMI-certified? Our searchable list of ACMI-certified products in this section (click on "Certified Products List") will help you find exactly what you are looking for! .