There are five Committees that make recommendations to the ACMI Board of Directors and help carry out the actions of the Board. They are the Certification Committee, the Executive Committee, the International Issues Committee, the Legislative/Regulatory Committee, and the Marketing/Membership Committee. A brief description of each Committee and their area of responsibility appears below.


Certification Committee: Co-Chairs – Heather Trundle, Plaid Enterprises and Phyllis Wang, Pentel of America, Ltd.

The Certification Committee is responsible for studying and recommending policy to the Board of Directors relating to the Certification Program (such as deciding whether to add a new product type to the Program, developing/revising standards, requiring new testing, etc.), reviewing member/Duke/ACMI concerns or problems, and monitoring the balance of toxicology and the cost of the Certification Program.


Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is comprised of the current Officers of ACMI, the Immediate Past President, and up to two members so designated by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has the authority to act for the Board of Directors on all matters between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is also responsible for monitoring ACMI’s financial status and recommending any necessary budget revisions or policy changes to the Board relating to ACMI’s finances. All Executive Committee decisions must be ratified by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


International Issues Committee: Chair - Jenny O'Brien, ColArt and Peter Zeitler, Creative Mark International.  The International Issues Committee is responsible for stimulating and coordinating cooperation between ACMI and overseas regulatory bodies and related associations with regard to the safe use of art, craft and other creative materials and any issues of mutual interest regarding the labeling of these materials.


Legislative/Regulatory Committee: Co-Chairs – Joanne Carson, BIC Corporation and Lisa Hanzl, Crayola LLC. The Legislative/Regulatory Committee is responsible for studying and recommending policy to the Board of Directors and members concerning legislation and regulations affecting the industry and ACMI.


Marketing/Membership Committee: Co-Chairs – Colleen Carey, Mayco, and Peter Ouyang, Sakura of America. The Marketing/Membership Committee is responsible for planning and implementing ACMI’s public relations and educational activities on behalf of the members and the industry, and for studying and recommending policy to the Board of Directors relating to the building and maintenance of membership in ACMI.


These Committees play a vital role in ensuring that ACMI’s programs and activities meet member needs and that member concerns are addressed. Committee meetings are held three times a year (approximately every four months). In addition, meetings by conference call may be required during the year if there is a topic (or topics) that need to be discussed in advance of a scheduled meeting. To view the current Committee rosters, please click here.